Updates to SOP: Moving in and Moving Out within a strata scheme during MCO

The previous SOP issued for MCO by KPKT disallowed Moving in and moving out activities.

On 27.1.2021, an internal memo is however circulated by KPKT agreeing to consider the request under special circumstances in allowing moving in and moving out activities subject to ALL the conditions imposed be satisfied by the tenant / occupant. The conditions imposed on the tenant / occupant are as follows:

i. to furnish the (expired / fresh) tenancy agreement or the sale and purchase agreement or confirmation to vacate premises from the landlord (to the JMB / MC);

ii. to obtain approval from PDRM for inter-state or inter-district travel;

iii. to obtain support from the management body of the stratified scheme by filling in the form set out in Appendix 1.

iv. to self declare and/or on behalf of family that they have no Covid-19 symptoms by filing in the form set out in Appendix 2;

v. the employees of the mover company involve in the moving in and moving out activities are confirmed to be of without Covid-19 symptoms;

vi. to provide proposed date and time for the moving in/ moving out activity.

The checklist No. 1 and Forms in Appendix 1, 2 can be downloaded below:

A quick glance in jpeg is also produced below:

Checklist No. 1

Appendix 1 and 2