LATEST SOP for Stratified Properties during MCO (13.1.2021 – 26.1.2021)

The NEW SOPs prepared by KPKT is out and it can be a large extent quell fears of the JMB / MC when carrying out their duties.

They are required to strike a balance between maintaining smooth operations whilst responding to complaints caused by the inconvenience in adhering to the SOP during the MCO eg: JMB / MC will also be tasked to stop visitors from coming in.

More pressing issues surrounding would be in deciding the closure of common facilities and whether one should push ahead to convene an AGM since those who failed to convene one in the calendar year of 2020 would technically breached Paragraph 10(2), Second Schedule of the Strata Management Act 2013 listed below:

  • 10(2) The first annual general meeting shall be held within one month after the expiry of the initial period and the subsequent annual general meetings shall be held once in each year, provided that not more than fifteen months shall lapse between the date of one annual general meeting and the next.

In so far as property managers are concerned, they were listed as essential service provider in the last round of MCO but not within the latest approved Miti List. Property Managers who were registered the last time round in the Miti’s CIMS page however is allowed to print out Miti’s approval to operate during the MCO.

So what are the NEW SOPs and FAQs? Both of them can be downloaded below:

*I was informed: (a) the kemaskini date on the top right corner of the SOP; and (b) capacity of workforce of 100% are inadvertent clerical errors which will be rectified later.

* around 215pm, they were already rectified and we have uploaded the latest version

For the convenience of readers, we translate the FAQs into English:

Q1. Can the planned AGM/EGM be convened in a strata scheme during the MCO?

A1. No. All AGM/EGMs are to be postponed.

Q2. Can the community in a stratified scheme move within the stratified area during the MCO?

A2. Yes. But the Community should limit its movement within a stratified scheme and practise social distancing.

Q3. Are the commercial premises within a stratified scheme allowed to open and operate like usual during the MCO period?

A3. Yes. In general, all business premises within a strata scheme can operate subject to the approved activities. Premises which carry out prohibited activities as provided by the National Security Council are not allowed and should be shut.

Q4. Can a Developer / JMB / MC / Managing Agent / Property manager which manages a strata scheme be allowed to operate with a maximum workforce capacity and can a management office be opened to the public at large during MCO?

A4. The management office can operate with a minimum workforce capacity and to limit direct contact with customers. Operation hours of the management office in a strata scheme shall adhere to the respective operational hours. Number of management staff allowed to be present in office is up to a maximum of 30% or 3 persons only subject to social distancing being practised in the management office.

Q5. Can common properties like hall, meeting room, BBQ pit and others be used during MCO?

A5. No.

Q6. Can renovation works within a strata scheme be carried out during MCO period?

A6. Yes. Renovation works within a vacant unit / parcel are allowed. Permissible renovation works are like installation of aircond, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, grille and cables. Hacking works which involve continuation of loud noise like installation of tiles are not allowed in multi stories stratified development.

Q7. Is there a fixed time given to a contractor in carrying out maintenance or renovation works?

A7. A contractor / vendor / worker is to carry out the works in accordance to the time or period fixed by the mangement.

Q8. Can the maintenance and repair works undertaken within a strata scheme like water, electricity, security, cleanliness, maintenance of lift, pump system be continued?

A8. Yes. operations mentioned above can be continued.

Q9. If there is damage for instance, incident of a leaked pipe and damage to the air conditioner, can works be carried out?

A9. Yes. Action can be taken to repair the damages.

Q10. Are visitors allowed to enter into a residential strata scheme like condominium / apartment?

A10. No. Visitors can enter into a strata scheme only if he/she has matters permissible dealings set out below:

(a) an occupant being a senior citizen who stays alone who requires monitoring. Only immediate children or siblings of the occupant or caretaker are allowed to visit, when necessary;

(b) an occupant being a patient (not a patient of Covid-19 or any other diseases which require notification by virtue of Section 10 Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988) or weak individual who requires frequent monitoring. Only immediate children or siblings of the occupant or caretaker are allowed to visit, when necessary;

(c) an occupant who requires instant medical intervention. Only immediate children or siblings of the occupant or medical practitioners are allowed to visit, if necessary.

(d) cases of death which do not involve Covid-19 or any other diseases requiring notification by virtue of Section 10 Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988. Only immediate children or siblings or caretaker are allowed to visit, when necessary; 

(e) providers of basic necessities to the occupant / resident who requires assistance from any individual, family or organisation on a condition that such provisions must be informed and prior approval obtained from the developer / JMB / MC or property manager;

(f) all contractors / vendors / workers / service providers / customers or any companies / bodies / individuals which deals with the management or parcel owners / proprietor are allowed to enter into a strata scheme for purposes allowed by the management. All are required to adhere to the procedures drawn up for visitors / service providers / contractors.

Q11. What about post, courier and delivery persons (FoodPanda, Grabfood and etc)?

A11. All post personnel, delivery persons (FoodPanda, Grabfood and etc) are allowed to enter into a strata scheme only up to a location as determined by the management after going through and passing the temperature check. Management is allowed to exercise its discretion to allow delivery personnel to deliver items / food directly into a parcel / unit.

Q12. Can an occupant take part in any sport and recreation activities within a strata scheme?

A12. Subject to the instructions of MKN and SOP of Sports and Recreation issued by the Ministry of Sports (KBS).

Q13. Can moving in and moving out be allowed?

A13. Moving in and moving out activities within a strata scheme is not allowed.

Q14. Can a management committee meeting within a strata scheme be convened during the MCO?

A14. A management committee meeting which involves physical gathering is not allowed. A management committee is encouraged to convene a virtual meeting through online teleconferencing.

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