MCO SERIES: LATEST FAQs issued by KPKT (7.4.2020)

Ministry of Housing and Local Authority (Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan) (“KPKT”) has been actively providing FAQs and in following up with the express approval granted to property managers to undertake essential services, it has on 7.4.2020 provided a revised FAQs to all strata development area.

The most relevant ones applicable to a strata scheme development area are from questions and answers 21-41 (extracted in jpeg for easy reference).

Translation of the full Strata related FAQs to English is set out in the updated post. Among others, it:

(a) disallows visitors to enter into a strata scheme development unless you fall within one of the exceptions and the temperature of the visitor when taken is not more than 38 degree Celsius;

(b) disallows all kinds of short term lease (Airbnb alikes) activities to take place in a residential strata scheme;

(c) only allows food delivery persons to deliver food up to the security guardhouse;

(d) allows postmen to have access only to the mail box room;

(e) disallows any residents to carry out any kind of outdoor activities within the strata scheme;

(f) allows essential services be carried out in a commercial strata scheme.

In questions and answers 52 to 68, KPKT also elaborated on the intended public sanitisation program which will be carried out in phases.

In question and answer 74, it mentioned that all cases pending hearing in the Strata Management Tribunal will be postponed during the MCO period to a date which will be informed thereafter.

The entire FAQs can be downloaded at the link below:

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