Hot: Covid-19 Bill – How will it affect Landlords, Tenants (Mall, Office) and Retailers (F&B)

We covered parts of Covid-19 Bill in our previous post relevant to a Housing Developer, JMB and MC. They relate primarily on Defect Liability Period and Liquidated Ascertained . . .

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MCO SERIES: Can a tenant ask the landlord for a suspension of rental (residential, office, retail, factory) in light of MCO?

As we were preparing this update, the MCO period is extended until 14.4.2020 as widely reported. Whilst the essential service providers are carrying out their business as usual, . . .

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Strata Management Case Updates 18 – Can a landlord (Proprietor) and Management Corporation be made liable for nuisance caused by the tenant (eg: Air B&B guests / students) in a stratafied development area?

Chin Moy Yen & Ors v Chai Weng Sing & Ors (Court of Appeal) [2019] 1 LNS 940 Facts: Floral Green Condomium is a stratafied condominium near to . . .

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