After a brief wait, KPKT has issued a fresh set of SOP, being consistent with the SOP issued by MKN (both downloadable below) confirms that AGM can be convened in areas which remain under the conditional movement control order.

KPKT SOP is downloadable below:

MKN’s SOP is downloadable below:

The AGM however is to be convened with conditions:

(a) numbers of those present are not to exceed 50% of the capacity of the AGM venue;

(b) social distancing is to be adhered to;

(c) attendees are to put on face mask at all times;

(d) all other preventive steps are to be strictly followed;

(e) the AGM venue is to be sanitised;

(f) participants are allowed to enter into the AGM venue on a first come first served basis.

The conditions above although necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19, however may not have force of law. In fact, disallowing an eligible voter into entering the AGM venue may be seen as depriving a parcel owner from exercising his/her rights to vote.

One way to circumvent is to rent a bigger hall or venue so it can accommodate all the participants.

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