Strata Management Handbook 2.0 and Procurement Procedures

With the objective of bringing awareness to public at large on the common issues faced by parcel owners and principles surrounding a stratified development area, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has taken the initiative to prepare a Strata Management Handbook 2.0 and a copy can be downloaded below.

It covers several topics like providing a brief overview of the Strata Management Act 2013, narrating the responsibilities of a purchaser, explaining the steps of a sub-sale transaction, use of charges and sinking funds, inter-floor leakage and by laws.

It provides a basic understanding of the common issues which may arise in a stratified development area and provide possible solutions.

In addition to that, the Ministry is also kind enough to provide a booklet on the procurement procedures in line with paragraph 3(7) of the Strata Management (Maintenance and Management) Regulations 2015 where it spells out one of the functions of the Management Corporation is to: “set up, manage and maintain proper procurement procedures and tender process in a fair and transparent manner for all purchases, acquisitions or awards of contracts in connection with the management and maintenance of the common property“.

The procurement procedure booklet can be downloaded below.

Both the Handbook and the Procurement Procedure booklet serves as a useful guide for all parcel owners who reside in a strata scheme, in particular to the JMB and MC.