SOP in opening up swimming pool of a stratified Scheme

KPKT has prepared a chart setting out the SOP. The Chart is downloadable below:

The SOP sets out obligations of the property manager and pool users.

A. Obligations of the Property Manager

  1. Prepare a QR code through the MySejahtera App for purposes of registering and recording pool users;
  2. Take body temperature before use;
  3. Discourage senior citezens and children below 12 from using;
  4. Maintain the pool within a fixed schedule;
  5. Fix the number of person for use depending on pool size whilst ensuring a social distance of 3 metre;
  6. Use of pool per session is 1-2 hours;
  7. Ensure user to adhere to the guideline / SOP;
  8. Conduct chlorine test every 2 hours;
  9. Disinfect the pool equipment before and after use;
  10. Prepare soap for users;
  11. Ensure security guard be present;
  12. Priority be given to purchaser, parcel owner, occupant within the strata scheme.

B. Responsibilities of Users

  1. Make a booking for use of pool;
  2. Register in the MySejahtera app;
  3. Refrain from using if body temperature is more than 37.5 c or have symptoms like fever, cough, cold, sore throat and difficulty in breathing;
  4. Face mask is encouraged before and after activity;
  5. Adhere to the social distancing of 3 metre (in the pool) and 1 metre (outside the pool);
  6. Clean yourself with water and soap before and after use;
  7. Disinfect equipment before and after use;
  8. Use of goggle is encouraged;
  9. Not to share equipment;
  10. Not to spit and greet / have physical contact and reduce social interaction
  11. Use of bathroom / changing room be reduced to the minimum;
  12. Leave the pool immediately after use

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