MCO SERIES: FAQ prepared by Ministry of Housing & Local Government (“KPKT”)

The Ministry of Housing and Local Authority (Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan) (“KPKT”) issued FAQs for a strata scheme development area and we took the liberty to translate to English.

Q1. Can the planned AGM/EGM be convened in a strata scheme during the MCO?

A1. No. All meetings are to be postponed.

Q2. Is the community free to move around within the strata scheme during the MCO?

A2. No. All movement shall be restricted and they are to practise social distancing except when there is a need to procure critical services like medical, cleanliness or food.

Q3. Are the business premises, education institution and nursery within the strata scheme allowed to open and operate like usual during MCO?

A3. No. All type of business premises, education institution and nursery within the strata scheme must be closed except when it involves approved essential services.

Q4. Can the management office be opened during MCO?

A4. No. Management matters must be carried out through phone or home.

Q5. Can a managing agent / property manager which manages a strata scheme be allowed to operate?

A5. Yes. Operation has to be of minimal level involving only provision of essential services.

Q6. Can the common property like hall, gym, badminton court, swimming pool be allowed to rent out or used during MCO?

A6. No.

Q7. Can removation works within the strata scheme be carried out during MCO period?

A7. No.

Q8. Can the operations of the management of critical services like water, electricity, security, cleanliness, maintenance of lift, pump system be continued to operate?

A8. Yes. operations mentioned above can be continued.

Q9. If there is damage for instance incident of a leaked pipe, can works be carried out?

A9. No. Action can only be taken for damage which is critical and affecting the safety of the occupant within the MCO period.

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