MCO SERIES: Clarity provided by KPKT as to the operations within a Strata Scheme Development Area

KPKT has just issued a circular (reference number: KPKT:800-7/2/1-JLD.5(59)) dated 21.3.2020 (today) in providing active steps to be taken by all JMB/MC in all stratified development area. The steps are:

1. To reduce movement in the whole strata scheme except for when providing essential services;

2. To obey the restricted movement for Malaysians to travel overseas and to restrict tourists or foreign visitors from entering into a strata scheme;

3. To cancel or postpone all events which involve gathering of a crowd including all kinds of general meeting whether AGM or EGM;

4. To implement social distancing of not less than 1 meter;

5. To close and block all access to non-critical common property eg: hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna, playground and surau;

6. To close all business premises within the strata scheme (education institution or nursery) except for essential services;

7. To postpone all renovation / restoration / repairs which are non-critical;

8. Management Office and Managing Agent or Property Manager who is involved in providing essential services in a strata scheme shall operate within the minimal rate on an execution method which fits best during the MCO period. All Management Office is to shut down to public. The underlying objective is to maintain active and actionable communication channel to ensure provision of essential services are not interrupted.

The essential or critical components within a strata scheme is set out in a schedule which includes:

(i) water

(ii) electricity

(iii) telecommunication services

(iv) sewerage services

(v) cleaning services and solid waste management;

(vi) mechanical and electrical machineneries (especially lift);

(vii) security services;

(viii) medical services

The actual circular is attached below:

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