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Bibliophilia: the reading list for book lovers

Bibliophilia is a weekly post of recommended reading for law students and lawyers. The list will comprise both fiction and non-fiction books with as much variety as possible. We’re also happy to take reader submissions from you so get reading!

Strategy And The Fat Smoker, David Maister | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: Strategy And The Fat Smoker
Author: David Maister
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, Guide

We often (or even usually) know what we should be doing in both personal and professional life. We also know why we should be doing it and (often) how to do it. Figuring all that out is not too difficult. What is very hard is actually doing what you know to be good for you in the long-run, in spite of short-run temptations. The same is true for organizations. What is noteworthy is how similar (if not identical) most firms’ strategies really are…Real strategy lies not in figuring out what to do, but in devising ways to ensure that, compared to others, we actually do more of what everybody knows they should do. This simple insight, if accepted, has profound implications for:

  • how organizations should think about strategy
  • how they should think about clients, marketing and selling and
  • how they should think about management




Knowledge Management For Lawyers, Patrick DiDomenico
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Title: Knowledge Management For Lawyers
Author: Patrick DiDomenico
Genre: Non-Fiction, Guide, Legal Work

Knowledge Management for Lawyers introduces readers to the core ideas behind KM. While there are no universally accepted definitions of Knowledge Management, this book breaks it down into three key elements: 1) who we know, 2) what we know, and 3) how we do things…Knowledge Management at its heart is about connecting people with people, connecting people with knowledge and information, and, finally, helping people understand and implement the processes, procedures, and technologies that can help them and their law practices become more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable….Written in an accessible and jargon-free style that includes real-life case studies, this book is designed to help professionals tasked with implementing better KM strategies in their respective firms by introducing them to the fundamentals of KM…and providing them with practical strategies and tools to help them apply these principles in their respective workplaces and their professional lives in general.   [source]



International Arbitration Under Review, Andrea Carlevaris, Laurent Lévy, Alexis Mourre, Eric A. Schwartz | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[Image: ICC]
Title: International Arbitration Under Review – Essays In Honour Of John Beechey
Author: Andrea Carlevaris, Laurent Lévy, Alexis Mourre, Eric A. Schwartz
Genre: Non-Fiction, Essays, Arbitration, International Law, Analysis

At a time when international arbitration is facing increasing challenges, this collection of 34 articles provides informed commentary by leading arbitration specialists on some of today’s most pressing subjects, including procedural efficiency, arbitrator independence and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). The book also contains thought-provoking articles on other discrete topics, as varied as arbitral appeal procedures, responsibilities of institutions, dissenting opinions, remission of awards, use of arbitration in disputes arising from mass disasters, and party representation by foreign lawyers, as well as studies on regional developments. These are all matters on which the authors – arbitrators, counsel and institutional leaders from around the world – are well-qualified to write, drawing on first-hand knowledge and experience, as well as exhaustive research, to offer analyses that are highly pertinent to the future of international arbitration….   [source]



A Practitioner's Guide To Probate Disputes, Nasreen Pearce | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: A Practitioner’s Guide To Probate Disputes
Author: Nasreen Pearce
Genre: Non-Fiction, Guide, Probate, Disputes, Law

…A Practitioner’s Guide to Probate Disputes provides an invaluable guide to the relevant legal framework and the basis on which a will and other testamentary provisions may be challenged. The book comprehensively covers issues relating to the form and content of a will and its execution, including testamentary capacity, knowledge and approval….provides guidance as to best practice and sets out examples from case law to illustrate the legal requirements and the problems which can arise from poor drafting and a failure to investigate sufficiently all the circumstances relating to the testator/testatrix. A commentary on disputes which may arise over the burial of the body and the relevance of the rights under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is also covered.   [source]



The Fundamental Concept of Crime in International Criminal Law, Marchuk, & Iryna | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[Image: Springer]
Title: The Fundamental Concept of Crime in International Criminal Law
Author: Marchuk, Iryna
Genre: Non-Fiction, International Law, Criminal Law, Analysis

This book examines the rapid development of the fundamental concept of a crime in international criminal law from a comparative law perspective. In this context, particular thought has been given to the catalyzing impact of the criminal law theory that has developed in major world legal systems upon the crystallization of the substantive part of international criminal law. This study offers a critical overview of international and domestic jurisprudence with regard to the construal of the concept of a crime (actus reus, mens rea, defences, modes of liability) and exposes roots of confusion in international criminal law through a comprehensive comparative analysis of substantive criminal laws in selected legal jurisdictions.   [source]



Havana Requiem, Paul Goldstein | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: Havana Requiem
Author: Paul Goldstein
Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Fueled by alcohol and legal brilliance, Michael Seeley once oversaw his law firm’s most successful litigation. Until it all fell apart….After two sober years practicing small-town law in upstate New York, Seeley has earned back most of what he lost…Then the renowned Cuban musician Hector Reynoso enters his office with a simple request: help him and six other composers who defined Cuba’s musical golden age of the 1940s and 1950s—the music that made the Buena Vista Social Club internationally famous—reclaim the copyright to their work. When Reynoso goes missing, Seeley’s reluctant promise to help draws him progressively deeper into Havana’s violent underbelly and a decades-long conspiracy that runs from the partners in his firm to the U.S. State Department to Cuba’s security police…   [source]


Tom & Lucky and George & Cokey Flo, C. Joseph Greaves | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: Tom & Lucky and George & Cokey Flo
Author: C. Joseph Greaves
Genre: Fiction, Historical, Crime, Legal Drama

The year is 1936. Lucky Luciano is the most powerful gangster in America. Thomas E. Dewey is an ambitious young prosecutor determined to bring him down, and Cokey Flo Brown – grifter, heroin addict, and sometimes prostitute – is the witness who claims she can do it. Only a canny Long Island defense attorney named George Morton Levy stands between Lucky and a life behind bars….Four colorful lives, each on its own incandescent trajectory….But for four short weeks in the spring of 1936, the intersection of these four lives – in their respective roles as defendant, prosecution and defense attorney, and star witness – would enthrall the nation, introducing America to the violent and darkly glamorous world of organized crime and leaving our culture, laws, and politics forever changed….   [source]


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