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Bibliophilia: the reading list for book lovers

Bibliophilia is a weekly post of recommended reading for law students and lawyers. The list will comprise both fiction and non-fiction books with as much variety as possible. We’re also happy to take reader submissions from you so get reading!

The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop, Erle Stanley Gardner | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: The Case of the Stuttering Bishop
Author: Erle Standley Gardner
Genre: Fiction, Detective Thriller, Mystery, Crime

Julia Branner was forced by her millionaire father-in-law to give up her baby for adoption. When a young woman surfaces years later claiming to be Julia s daughter, Julia insists she s a fraud after the family fortune, and enlists Bishop William Mallory to help expose the imposter. When Julia s father-in-law is found dead and Julia charged with his murder, the bishop promises to help but is a bishop who s delivered many sermons likely to stutter?”   [source]



Play Dead, David Rosenfelt | Bibliophilia read more books!
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Title: Play Dead
Author: David Rosenfelt
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Andy Carpenter rescues a golden retriever from being put down and finds that the dog was supposed to have died five years before during an accident that resulted in his master being convicted of murdering his fiancee at sea. Encouraged by the prisoner’s sister, Andy endeavours to reopen the case by using the dog as a witness in court.   [source]



The Garden of Burning Sand, Corban Addison | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: The Garden of Burning Sand
Author: Corban Addison
Genre: Fiction, Culture, Mystery

Zoe Fleming is a young, idealistic American lawyer working with an NGO devoted to combatting the epidemic of child sexual assault in southern Africa. Zoe’s organization is called in to help when an adolescent girl is brutally assaulted. The girl’s identity is a mystery…..As the investigation builds to a climax, threatening to send shockwaves through Zambian society, Zoe is forced to radically reshape her assumptions about love, loyalty, family and, especially, the meaning of justice.   [source]



A Carrion Death, Michael Stanley | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)

Title: A Carrion Death
Author: Michael Stanley
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Crime

when Kalahari game rangers stumble on a human corpse midmeal, it turns out the murder wasn’t perfect after all. Enough evidence is left to suggest foul play. Detective David “Kubu” Bengu of the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department is assigned to the case…From the sun-baked riverbeds of the Kalahari to the highest offices of an international conglomerate, Kubu follows a blood-soaked trail in search of answers. Beneath a mountain of lies and superstitions, he uncovers a chain of crimes leading to the most powerful figures in the country-influential enemies who will kill anyone in their way….   [source]



Not My Blood, Barbara Cleverly | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: Not My Blood
Author: Barbara Cleverly
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Historical, Thriller

Scotland Yard Detective Joe Sandilands is caught off guard one night in 1933 by a phone call from a distressed boy named Jackie Drummond, who just might be the illegitimate son Joe never knew he had. Jackie is in trouble at his Sussex boarding school, where a teacher has been murdered. When Joe gets himself assigned to the investigation, he learns the boarding school case is more complicated than it appears: A frightening number of boys, all from wealthy families, have gone missing over the school’s history, and by some coincidence none of the families have followed up on their sons’ whereabouts.   [source]



A Mothers Ordeal, Steven W. Mosher | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: A Mother’s Ordeal
Author: Steven W. Mosher
Genre: Non-fiction, biography, culture

Written by Steven W. Mosher, the foremost expert on China’s population control policy, comes a beautifully crafted true story of a young Chinese woman who, as a nurse for the family planning program, built her career out of forcing women into abortions…until she became pregnant with an illegal child.   [source]



Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Corbett Everidge | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
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Title: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Author: Corbett Everidge
Genre: Non-fiction, biography, Courtroom

Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? D. Corbett Everidge cannot vote, own a firearm, or hold public office: he is a convicted felon. But did he actually commit the crime?

In this true-life legal drama, former magistrate D. Corbett Everidge chronicles the events of the summer of 2005 and the ensuing criminal trial that led to a felony conviction and the end of his criminal justice career. He then asks you to assess the evidence and make your own reasonable decision about whether he is, indeed, innocent or guilty as charged….   [source]

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