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Bibliophilia: the reading list for book lovers

Bibliophilia is a weekly post of recommended reading for law students and lawyers. The list will comprise both fiction and non-fiction books with as much variety as possible. We’re also happy to take reader submissions from you so get reading!

Tragedy At Law, Cyril Hare | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: Classic Mystery]

 Title: Tragedy At Law
Author: Cyril Hare
Genre: Fiction, mystery

When an anonymous letter arrives for Mr Justice Barber, the High Court judge, warning of imminent revenge, he dismisses it as the work of a harmless lunatic. But then a second letter appears, followed by a poisoned box of the judge’s favourite chocolates, and he begins to fear for his life.   [source]



The Trial, Franz Kafka | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: Amazon]

Title: The Trial
Author: Franz Kafka
Genre: Fiction, classic, philosophy

…the terrifying tale of Josef K., a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and inexplicably arrested and must defend himself against a charge about which he can get no information…. read as an existential tale, a parable, or a prophecy of the excesses of modern bureaucracy wedded to the madness of totalitarianism, The Trial has resonated with chilling truth for generations of readers.   [source]



The Firm, John Grisham | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: The Guardian]

Title: The Firm
Author: John Grisham
Genre: Fiction, mystery, thriller

When Mitchell McDeere qualified third in his class at Harvard, offers poured in from every law firm in America. Bendini, Lambert and Locke were a small, well-respected firm, but their offer exceeded Mitch’s wildest expectations…It was his dream job – but it was to become his worst nightmare….Unravelling a complex trail…Mitch stumbles across a shocking conspiracy and a horrifying truth: nobody has ever left Bendini, Lambert and Locke – and anybody who has ever tried has ended up dead.   [source]



Plain Truth, Jodi Picoult | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: Readers Paradise]

Title: The Firm
Author: John Grisham
Genre: Fiction, Amish culture, young adult

The discovery of a dead infant in an Amish barn shakes Lancaster County to its core…circumstantial evidence suggests that eighteen-year-old Katie Fisher, an unmarried Amish woman believed to be the newborn’s mother, took the child’s life. When Ellie Hathaway, a disillusioned big-city attorney, comes to Paradise, Pennsylvania, to defend Katie, two cultures collide — and, for the first time in her high-profile career, Ellie faces a system of justice very different from her own….And as she unravels a tangled murder case, Ellie also looks deep within — to confront her own fears and desires when a man from her past reenters her life….   [source]



The Secret of Magic, Deborah Johnson | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: Goodreads]

Title: The Secret of Magic
Author: Deborah Johnson
Genre: Fiction, historical, mystery

Regina Robichard works for Thurgood Marshall, who receives an unusual letter asking the NAACP to investigate the murder of a returning black war hero. It is signed by M. P. Calhoun, the most reclusive author in the country….And then M.P. Calhoun disappeared. With Thurgood’s permission, Regina heads down to Mississippi to find Calhoun and investigate the case. But as she navigates the muddy waters of racism, relationships, and her own tragic past, she finds that nothing in the South is as it seems.   [source]



A Legal Fiction, Elizabeth Ferrars | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: Hachette]

Title: A Legal Fiction
Author: Elizabeth Ferrars
Genre: Fiction, mystery

The Decayed Gentlewoman, they had called her as children – an unregarded painting badly in need of cleaning. Later it vanished. But before that, Ginny and her mother had stopped coming to stay in Ardachoil. Colin never knew why. Now suddenly both the Decayed Gentlewoman and Ginny had reentered his life. After an urgent station announcement at King’s Cross and an oddly frantic phone call, Dr Colin Locke, with his childhood emotions vividly re-awakened, found himself drawn into a maze of suspicions, theft, legal complexities and finally murder.   [source]



The Jury Master, Robert Dugoni | Bibliophilia: read more books! (Recommended reading)
[image: Amazon]

Title: The Jury Master
Author: Robert Dugoni
Genre: Fiction, mystery, thriller

David Sloane is the best wrongful death attorney in San Francisco. But despite his professional success, he’s plagued by a nightmare of a childhood he cannot consciously remember. When he recieves a package from a White House confidant who then turns up dead, the contents reveal a history he could never have imagined.   [source]

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