Start Ups Event – Fireside Chat: Bridge The Gap

Bridging The Gap Between  Start Ups And Law

BurgieLaw Fireside Chat at MaGIC
Photo credit: Sarah Yong Li Hsien | Team BurgieLaw, Lee Shih & Foong Cheng Leong

Recently, BurgieLaw held a Fireside Chat event for start ups at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) on Monday evening (9th May 2016).  The fireside chat was an introductory discussion to educating start ups and bridging the gap between start ups and law.

The speakers were:

Unfortunately, our last guest speaker, Marcus Van Geyzel was unable to join us due to poor health.

The fireside chat started a little late as we waited for more guests to arrive.  Within a few minutes of starting, we were already in a lengthy Q&A session. Many of our guests had questions such as, “What is the standard legal fee structure for start ups? When is a good time to look into protecting my IP? Can I DIY my legal documents?” etc.

Fireside Chat: Bridge The Gap start ups and law Q&A
Q&A session


After about an hour, the speakers moved on to their own individual topics. Mr. Lai spoke about the 5 Types Of Business Structures with particular focus on the 3 most suitable for start ups. Mr. Foong in turn, gave an introduction to Intellectual Property (IP). He covered areas such as types of intellectual property, appropriate times to invest in IP, the differences between IP regulations in different countries etc.

20160509_193118(0) copy
Foong Cheng Leong speaking about IP

Mr. Lee however, spoke about the recently passed new Companies Act and the impact it would have on businesses in Malaysia. He has also written a short article in The Malaysian Lawyer blog about it.

Fireside Chat: Bridge The Gap start ups and law new Companies Act Lee Shih
Lee Shih talking about the impact of the new Companies Act

All in all, the fireside chat was a success despite the small audience. We asked guests as they left for feedback and received a lot of positive responses! Many were interested in finding out more about legal issues. Team BurgieLaw would like to express our gratitude to the guest speakers, MaGIC and an especially big thank you to all who came!  

We’ll be rolling out a sequel soon with more in-depth topics, more speakers and more choices for everyone. Stay tuned for details!

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