5 Do’s & Don’ts Of Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are common but to this day, many aren’t sure what to do. In light of April Fools Day, we put together a short silly list of 5 do’s and don’ts of vehicle accidents.

DON’T run around screaming in panic! It’s not going to help anyone. Remain calm and ensure that nobody is injured. Alternatively, you can use all that screaming to attract attention from passers-by and get help. 

DO contact emergency services and ensure anyone injured (including yourself) receives immediate medical attention.

Do's and Don'ts of Vehicle Accidents

DON’T take selfies with accident victims or be a disaster tourist! You’ll only add to the chaos. If there are injured victims, touching them may potentially cause more harm.

DO record details of the cars involved such as license plate/registration numbers, colour of the cars and make – car model & year it was made.

Do's and Don'ts of Vehicle Accidents

DON’T yell at other drivers. Starting arguments with everyone isn’t going to help you or anyone else settle matters faster.

DO record contact details from all witnesses for future reference. The police may want to contact them or in a worst case scenario, you may require them to provide statements in court.

Do's and Don'ts of Vehicle Accidents

DON’T keep silent about your accident no matter how minor it might be. It could potentially violate your insurance policy or should the other drivers involved in the accident decide to make claims against you. It’s strongly recommended that you consult with an accidents lawyer before making any claims/court decisions.

DO make a police report within 24 hours and inform your insurance company as per your insurance policy. This is to safeguard yourself from potential disputes and prevent yourself from violating your insurance policy.

Do's and Don'ts of Vehicle Accidents

DON’T make a warm, cosy nest out of your bills/receipts etc. It might sound fun but the weather’s hot enough as it is plus, all that paper might come in handy in case of a dispute.

DO leave a paper trail. Keep record of your expenses incurred as a result of the accident such as medical expenses, repairs, insurance reports etc. This serves as evidence to your insurance company and also to the other party should you require a lawyerDo's and Don'ts of Vehicle Accidents

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