You’re Fired!

You woke up and got dressed. Nasi lemak and teh tarik for breakfast. Drove through the god awful morning traffic and made it to work in one piece. The usual.  Just another day in the rat race right?  Well until the manager told you, “I’m sorry but we’re letting you go.”

You might not have been given a reason for your dismissal or maybe the reason they gave you didn’t feel right. You’ve always felt that someone in the office has had it out for you for a while now and this is it.

Potential Reasons For Unfair Dismissal

Okay, that was pretty dramatic but incidents of employers unfairly dismissing employees do happen. Unfair dismissal is a common problem in the work force and something most of us can all relate to. Some of us try to negotiate their jobs back; others accept it and move on. If you’ve considered taking legal action, the idea of navigating all that red tape might be daunting so we’ve compiled a neat infographic describing the process just for you.


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